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These $25K prefab tiny homes were designed to skirt zoning restrictions

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A tiny house with room for a (pet) family

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Another A tiny house with a built-in rock-climbing wall

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Check out the Greatest and the Most Popular Log House from Leon Wood

Log houses and cabins make some of the most beautiful homes ever. Check out the greatest and the most popular log house from Leon Wood, a company in Teichland, Germany. Even though log houses are an ... read more

Come Home to this Beautiful Log Cabin After Enjoying the Relaxing Views Outside

This charming small log cabin shows that you don't need a lot of space to make the perfect home away from home. This handcrafted small log cabin has just the right amount of space to prepare dinner, r ... read more

1260 Sq. Ft. High Quality Log House That You Can Personalize According to Your Wishes, Details Inside!

Now this is a beautiful and simple log home design. This 1260 square foot, high quality log house can be personalized to your specifications and will be made into the home of your dreams. The log ho ... read more

A Must See 129 Sq. Ft. Little Adorable Log Cabin, Click for Floor Plan!

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Wood and glass cabin home brings luxury to nature

Whidbey Island, Washington is the location you will find this stunning wood cabin home designed by Chesmore|Buck Architecture. The cabin building style of timber house blends beautifully with its natu ... read more

Wood House Extends Living Space Beyond Its Indoors

You will want to take a look inside this beautiful wood cabin design by award winning Portland-based architecture firm Boora Architects. The log house design is located on the Oregon coastline with 18 ... read more

Earthy and elegant house in Mexico: Wood, Water, Wow!

For those who love nature this earthy and elegant house in Mexico has all of the perfect elements. The home was built primarily out of wood for a natural approach, encapsulating the true essence of t ... read more

Ultramodern Reinvention Of Traditional Woodland Cabin With Timber Structure

This beautiful home design is an ultramodern reinvention of traditional woodland cabin. With it's timber structure, this is quite the impressive build. The home was built in Australia for a couple w ... read more

Another Forest Getaway Cabin with Sauna, Sunken Hot Tub

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Sophisticated and Charming 3444 Sq. Ft. L-Shaped Log Cabin Is Perfect for Family, Must See!

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A Log House with Unbeatable Character Built By Wood Experts, Click For Floor Plan!

When it comes to luxury log homes, this is a log house with unbeatable character. This log house was built by Wood Experts, a company in Germany and is a beautiful example of a log home building kit ... read more

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Existing Kiddie Treehouse is muse for Rancher Expansion

Inspired by a treehouse tiny house design this stunning home gave a 1950s rancher style home a modern update. Designed by Architect Stephen Moser this home located on the western edge of Saxon Woods P ... read more
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